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Detailed schedule

Final presentations

Randomized presentation order:

  1. Team 4 (Aaron, Adia, Andrew)
  2. Team 3 (Mai, Nam, Evan)
  3. Team 1 (Dzung, John, William, Marcel)
  4. Team 2 (Belgin, Leah, Sophia)

Class 14

  1. Overview of course learning goals
  2. Teams continue work on final presentation and report (FP)

Class 13

  1. Please complete the course evaluation form.
  2. Team standup meetings
  3. Teams begin work on final presentation and report (FP)

Class 12

Discussion of regulation of tech companies by European Union, followed by team meetings to work on Epic project.

Class 11

  1. Team standup meetings
  2. Teams begin work on EPR3

Class 10

  1. Discussion of CatB
  2. Team standup meetings
  3. Teams continue working on EPR2

Class 9

  1. Discussion of the Duolingo talk (15 minutes)
  2. Explain tasks using the same PowerPoint as the previous two weeks: 07-agile-overview.pptx
  3. Each team presents at least one user story
  4. Teams meet to progress on EPR2

Class 8

Results of the midsemester feedback are available.

Most of today’s class will be spent presenting your Epic to Matt, asking questions and receiving feedback as needed.

Class 7

In-class agenda:

  1. Please take the midsemester survey.
  2. Discussion of communication in open-source software projects based on Fogel chapter 6 (homework assignment MP3).
  3. Epic teams:
team number team members issue kanban board
1 Dzung, John, William, Marcel #416 kanban
2 Belgin, Leah, Sophia #417 kanban
3 Mai, Nam, Evan #418 kanban
4 Aaron, Adia, Andrew #419 kanban

Thank you to Professor Braught for providing these new Issues for us to work on!

  1. Overview of Class 8 work due: MP4 and ungraded first draft of your Epic (ready for discussion with Matt)
  2. Agile software development overview: 07-agile-overview.pptx
  3. Individual work on FDS assignments.

Class 6

Class 5

Class 4

Visit to College Farm. Meet 1:25pm in Kaufman parking lot near DPS entrance. We will return before 3pm.

Class 3

To take advantage of a recently-announced Dickinson event, the schedule has been changed and our topic for this week will be diversity in computing. Please check the MP1 homework webpage carefully for details.

In addition, a new required evening event has been added to the course schedule:

Slides for today: 03-vue-data-slides.pptx

Class 2

copying and pasting in Ubuntu terminal window: ctrl-insert, shift-insert (on a Mac, maybe fn-return will simulate insert?)

slides: 02-html-slides.pptx

Class 1

Overview of the course.

Review of FarmData2 dev install.

slides: 01-intro-slides.pptx

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